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Ian Manocha

Ian Manocha

CEO at Gresham Technologies plc
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Bio Innovating in Fintech and Regtech. Named by Information Age as a top UK data entrepreneur. Helping global institutions solve the industry's most challenging data problems. Career History More than 25 years in enterprise technology, software and services with experience building international sales, service & delivery organisations, and creating innovative customer partnerships across many industries.



A New Leader for Driving Enterprise Control

19 Mar 2019

Global financial institutions are experimenting with an essential new C-level position—the Chief Control Officer—to ensure that organisational lines of defence are effective in fostering internal compliance, accountability, and transparency. But without the right data, they may still be feeling around in the dark. Oversight and supervision of non-...


Did the Compliance Golden Age Miss the Mark? Survey Says...

05 Mar 2019

Like the years before it, 2019 is sure to have its share of fintech industry research. Having recently commissioned surveys of our own at Gresham, we often find that these work best when they serve as conversation starters: to show the industry something we didn’t already see, or disprove conventional wisdom. Often this interest is reflected in a ...