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Bio Ivan Kot is Director for Client Acquisition and one of our Solution Consultants at Itransition, focusing on business development in verticals such as eCommerce, Business Automation, and cutting-edge tools such as blockchain for enterprises. He began his career as a developer, taking different positions in both web and mobile development projects, and eventually shifted focus to project management and team coordination.



Finance automation: why letting algorithms handle corporate money matters

29 Jan 2021

The last decade saw automation steadily strengthening its positions in offices across the globe. Investing in business management process consulting, enterprises have increasingly streamlined various cumbersome workflows, reaping productivity and cost optimization benefits in return. However, amid this persistent corporate automation trend, financ...

Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services

6 Use Cases for Smart Contracts in Decentralized Finance

18 Jan 2021

While many people still view cryptocurrency with some scepticism, the use of blockchain within certain industries and for specific processes has gained general acceptance. One of the offerings of blockchain that has attracted much hype is Decentralized Finance (DeFi). While the adoption of DeFi has not reached the heady heights that were predict...

Business Knowledge for IT

IT outsourcing projects: UK vs USA

28 Dec 2020

Itransition is a seasoned resident of the software outsourcing market. With projects completed for more than 800 customers from over 30 countries, the company has delivered custom software development to businesses in IT, energy, finance, retail and many more verticals. Based on our portfolio, we are sharing Itransition’s experience with clients fr...

Business Knowledge for IT

The Basic Dos of Service Level Agreements

23 Dec 2020

Though service level agreements (SLAs) have proved their importance for business reputation and project success, many IT vendors still doubt that SLAs have any relevance for them. Meanwhile, IT consultants believe that SLAs are an absolute necessity for delivering impeccable service. In this post, we will discuss why SLAs are necessary and review t...