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Senior Manager at Itransition
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Bio Senior Manager at Itransition, focusing on business development in verticals such as eCommerce, Business Automation, and cutting-edge tools such as blockchain for enterprises. He began his career as a developer, taking different positions in both web and mobile development projects, and eventually shifted focus to project management and team coordination.



3 Major Roadblocks to Blockchain Adoption in Banking

02 Dec 2019

Since its invention back in 2008, blockchain technology has been trying to disrupt a number of industries with varying degrees of success. Core features of blockchain, such as decentralization and immutability, make this technology especially appealing for the financial sector. On paper, blockchain is a perfect solution for the majority of pain po...


The Evolution of Voice Banking in 2019

25 Nov 2019

With Siri one button away from telling us everything Google has to offer, and Alexa making smart homes more accessible than ever, it’s transparent how artificial intelligence and voice technology in particular have helped transform our personal lives. It only seems right that the next big step is voice-controlled banking. Wouldn’t it be nifty to ...