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Bio Leading early and growth stage fintech investments at Gauss VC Career History More than 10 year experience: 2 innovation labs, 1 bank, 2 startups and 1 exit, more than 10 investments including Tandem and Revolut, now with Gauss VC.



Sberbank is hedging its dominant position to launch a national mobile loyalty and payment scheme

27 May 2016

Sberbank announced the launch of its payment/loyalty scheme. Coupled with its control over 40+ million salary accounts in Russia, a controlling investment in a leading POS loyalty program Plazius, huge P2P volumes eclipsing even Barclays Pingit, control over a prominent ecommerce driven Yandex Money - this is a poker game with a flash royal be...


Contextualisation of finance - Digital Space Research Note

25 May 2016

Contextualising information, influenced by general purpose social and commerce applicaitions, bots and AI-powered chats. Having a major influence on how financial information will be presented as banks open API’s, embedd its data in 3rd party applications and try to rediscover the proper language of banking amid the pressure from challenger banks ...


PFM strategy by Russian banks

27 Apr 2012

I've done more than a few posts on PFM and its potential in Russia. I expected it to become mainstream in 2011, (be offered by a tier-1 bank sooner, rather that this year) and have probably guessed right about some banks who've initiated practical steps about the functionality that year, so that in 2012 we would have a number of banks trying to st...



Banking is no longer about money but about behavior

27 Apr 2012

This post was originally posted at my blog and is here intended to relaunch my Finextra profile. Hope to post original throughts here, so do bookmark this page ;) ============= I've already shared my idea on banks' imperative to do more about financial marketing and less about the core persistence capability of payments: banking simply does not ad...