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Senior Business Solutions Manager at SAS Institute
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Financial Risk Management

Telco Subscription Fraud: A Disappearing Act

15 Aug 2019

Ever wondered how great magicians can trick us into believing things which aren’t quite true? From David Copperfield’s flying illusion to one of Penn & Teller’s card tricks, they all have one thing in common: misdirection or the art of deception. Fraudsters, like magicians, are crafty individuals who use a series of techniques to appear as legi...

Trends in Financial Services

Is your organisation doing enough to keep pace with fraud?

29 Apr 2019

The financial services industry is under continued pressure to create more convenient ways of paying for goods and services. This trend goes beyond common hype: it’s a culture shift from long-standing payment methods traditionally defined by industry heavyweights to embracing market demands and delivering customer-centricity. With digitalisation, ...


Artificial Intelligence for fraud detection: beyond the hype

12 Apr 2018

The financial services industry has witnessed considerable hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent months. We’re all seeing a slew of articles in the media, at conference keynote presentations and think-tanks tasked with leading the revolution. AI indeed appears to be the new gold rush for large organisations and FinTech companies alike...


PSD2: demystifying the beast

05 Aug 2017

The revised EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has been a focal point for the financial services industry over the last couple of years and its adoption is set to revolutionise the payment ecosystem in Europe. New entrants, innovative technologies and increased regulation are already posing major challenges to traditional banks as they need to d...