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Alex Kreger

CEO at UX Design Agency
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Bio Banking & Fintech User Experience Design Strategist and Expert. Founder and CEO of UXDA, a leading UI/UX design agency for finance that helping online banks and Fintech startups engage their customers. UXDA delivers UI design to banking software TOP vendors from Forrester list. Career History UI/UX engineering expertise with over eight years industry experience working at digital projects and startups. Science degree in cognitive psychology. 18 years of business development gives valuable multi-industry scope.


Innovation in Financial Services

Seven Smart UX Design Strategies for Creating a Delightful Banking Experience

07 May 2019

Despite the fact that financial professionals perceive finances as something rational and clear, for ordinary people it’s a complex task to undertake. Usually, it is not easy and requires a lot of time and effort. So a poorly designed financial platform could become a real frustrating nightmare for the user. It’s vital to understand the importance...

Innovation in Financial Services

10 Powerful Quotes of Influencers That Believe Banking Has To Change

23 Apr 2019

Great results are based on great inspiration. Banking design is no exception, especially as finance might be the industry most affected by the curse of routine, and this shows in lack of emotions and user-centricity. We believe there's no chance to provide a delightful and enjoyable customer experience if you can't step “out of the box.” That's wh...

Innovation in Financial Services

The Digital Age Requires a Business Culture Based on a New Mindset

26 Mar 2019

My previous post about transitioning from a “marketing mindset” to an “experience mindset” raised controversial discussions. Some even call it “digital business manifesto.” Anyway, I'm not pretending to teach the right business approach for the digital age. My aim is to highlight the differences between delivering service to customers and thinking...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Five Customer Experience Trends That Will Lead The Banking Transformation in 2019 and Beyond

08 Jan 2019

It can be a major challenge to adapt a financial company to the fast-paced digital world. For some, it’s not only about success in the future but a question of existence. At the same time, there are hugely successful companies that are achieving extraordinary results with minimal resources. What’s their secret? After analyzing their approach, we’v...

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