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Ahmed Michla

Head of Content Strategy at Sopra Banking Software
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Bio As Global Head of Content Strategy at Sopra Banking Software, Ahmed looks at brand harmonisation, business and market development, market research and planning Career History Previously, he held another leadership position as Head of Business Solutions (Financial Software) at the company. Ahmed started his career as a client services manager at Lynx Financial Systems and has also held both technical and business roles at major channel players such as Tieto, TietoEnato



Banks’ Legacy Systems Holding Back Omni-Channel

11 Feb 2016

On my smartphone, I have access to the entire knowledge of the world – or at least the parts that have been digitised. The question is can your cobbled-together, patched up legacy systems meet the demands of the modern world – and keep up with the smart technology on my phone? The brutal truth is that banking has done a great job of keeping up wit...



Instant Payments And The Overlay Service Opportunity

04 Jan 2016

We live in a 24/7, super-connected world and have grown used to instant access to information and services at the touch of our smartphones. No wonder we want the same convenience and certainty when it comes to how we bank. Instant payments may be the way we’ll get both that convenience and that lack of latency. They’re also good for the wider, ec...


Improving Financial Services Through Cognitive Technologies

24 Nov 2015

One definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everything a computer can't do yet – because as soon as it can do it, we call it normal. Behind that wry remark are the remarkable quiet advance computing IQ has been making over the years. Many complex, abstract capabilities thought to be exclusive to the human mind are no longer so – from winning...


The Payment Model In Banking: From Stasis To Dynamic Change

04 Nov 2015

The payments landscape is in flux and changing fast. Ahmed Michla of Sopra Banking Software explains what might come next – and how to cope New technology is altering the way payments are made. As a result, what was a very dependable, perhaps staid business model is changing before our eyes into a deep structural challenge to banks. The problem is,...