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Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies

VP Global Market Strategy at Fiserv
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Bio Andrew Davies is VP, global market strategy, Financial Crime Risk Management. In this role, he works with Fiserv customers around the world to design and deploy effective risk management solutions to mitigate financial crime risks with particular focus on compliance, money laundering and fraud. Career History Davies joined Fiserv in 2007 through the acquisition of NetEconomy. He has worked in the software industry for more than 20 years supporting many of the largest financial institutions in the world. His experience covers real-time payments, front-office trading, risk mitigation and more.


Financial Risk Management

Preventing Payments Fraud in a Flash

23 Jul 2019

Financial services, and payment systems in particular, continue to transform at a great pace. Such transformation, and the speed with which money can now move, provides consumers of financial services with more choice and greater convenience. As transaction speeds increase and real-time payments proliferate, efficiency, flexibility and a clear un...


Risk and Fraud: Trends for 2017

25 Jan 2017

Money is moving quicker than ever before. Global payment infrastructures are adopting faster payments and real-time settlement. High speed transactions make it much more convenient for consumers to move their money locally and around the world. However, the ability to move money swiftly is one thing; moving it securely is another. As financial i...



SWIFT Warning Must Be Heeded

14 Jul 2016

Cyber fraud losses make headlines on a regular basis – the latest target on display for all. While these reports may often be viewed as extreme, worst-case scenarios, the case of SWIFT’s recent warning to its participating financial institutions and corporate user group members has helped to highlight the importance organisations need to place on ...