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Emily Landis Walker

Emily Landis Walker

Board Advisor at Bequant
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Bio Current Board Advisor, Bequant. Blockchain consultant since 2018. Former positions as US representative to IMF, EBRD and Executive Secretary to US Treasury Secretary Nicolas Brady, as well as Managing Director Corporate & Investment Banking, Asset Management, Global Wealth and Travelers Life & Annuity at Citibank. Head of Corporate Affairs at Barclays.



Regulations Centre Stage as The Geo-Political Forces play for Crypto Dominance

23 Dec 2019

When cryptocurrencies stole the spotlight a few years ago, formal regulation was slow to track the explosive growth. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) and new cryptos came into the forefront with ‘dot-com’ bubble speed until early 2018, when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) slapped the wrists of lawyers advising the crypto ICOs which...