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Omar Janabi

Senior Director, EMEA at Merrill Corporation
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Bio Omar is a visionary & strategic leader with 20 years of business experience and a track record in bringing to market new products, services, applications, technologies and software solutions. Career History Throughout his career he has managed different sized teams, regions, budgets and campaigns. With focus on increasing brand visibility and awareness, acquiring new customers, generating demand, and enhancing customer loyalty, while improving efficiency and effectiveness.



Due Diligence: The Foundation of any Successful M&A Deal in 2019

22 Jan 2019

Amid the rising complexity of M&A, the simple adage of ‘failing to prepare, then preparing to fail’ is as true today, as it always has been. That is because due diligence, the time and resource intensive preparation process, can ultimately define the success or failure of any M&A deal, which is why great importance is assigned to the metic...