Diederick Van Thiel

Diederick Van Thiel

CEO at AdviceGames Group of Companies
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Bio As CEO of AdviceGames and AdviceRobo it is my responsibility to create value and scale these companies globally. Career History 20 years of leadership in boards of Vodafone, KPN Mobile, ING, Ikano. Since 2009 FinTech entrepreneur founding and growing robo advice companies like eyeOpen, AdviceGames and AdviceRobo.


Digital Banking Trends

How Cognitive Intelligence can drive banks’ cost income breakthroughs

20 Nov 2017

By Dr. Roboadvice Banks have been growing their cost/income ratios with serious cost reductions since 2008. But from now on, the real breakthroughs will primarily have to come from income growth. Online retailers like Amazon are great at growing their income, but this is not what banks usually excel in! New target groups, new product market combin...


Winning the Insurers’ race with robotics

08 Jun 2017

The insurers’ race In the aftermath of the recession that started in 2007, it is critical for insurance companies to exhibit financial strength in an increasingly tough economic climate. Financial strength assures consumers that they are making financially responsible investment decisions. Financial strength entails having strong quality assets, t...


Do or die: Robo-advice & Psychometry What drives wealth management winners in 2020?

27 Dec 2016

The wealth management challenge The high net worth individual population globally grew to 15.36 million people in 2015. The global assets under management also grew to $ 58.7 trillion. Private banks globally however experience a disruptive change in their markets. Older customers are fading away, money is being transferred to their children who a...


How behavioural economics and robo-advice change cost income strategies

03 Dec 2016

In the words of Steve Jobs you need to “get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you can tell them what they need, well before they realise it themselves.” Digital and robo-advisors currently are far from that. They offer one size fits all customer experiences that do not personalize at all. This isn’t a simple thing to do. Organisat...