Diederick Van Thiel

Diederick Van Thiel

Chairman & CEO at E-cology Innovations / AdviceRobo
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Bio Diederick van Thiel, London Tech CEO of the year 2018; lieutenant at the Dutch special forces; C-level financial services executive; serial entrepreneur; tech Investor. Also, Diederick is a PhD candidate at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. His work focuses on understanding the impact of human-centred artificial intelligence in banking. His broader research interests lie at the intersection of behavioral science, neuroscience, and digital sciences. He has an MSc degree in Business Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Career History Since 2009 FinTech entrepreneur founding and growing robo-advice companies like eyeOpen, AdviceGames and AdviceRobo, non-executive director of IKANO bank. Before 20 years of leadership in boards of Vodafone, KPN Mobile, ING.


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Game-changers: Harnessing the power of alternative data

10 Dec 2021

The tied-on-points World Championship finale This weekend Verstappen and Hamilton will battle head-to-head for the formula one World Championship. It’s going to be a battle on team strategy, car, and driver performance. A battle fuelled with smart big data strategies and zillions of data from sensors. Formula One is one of the most competitive and...

Innovation in Financial Services

Sustainable Game Changers with balls

26 Nov 2021

Turning the tide Between 1995 and 2010 I climbed the corporate ladder into the multi-national board room. I was a trained Dutch economist and former navy seal that rigorously drove growth for the brands that employed me, with creativity, innovation power and can-do mentality as my strong weapons. I was a product of the post war profitable growth l...


Digital Bank Transformation

Game Changers for SME Banking

12 Nov 2021

What makes SME lending so hot these days? There is a lot of rumour around the prospective growth of the global SME lending market. It represents 90% of businesses and 50% of employment worldwide. World Bank calculations furthermore indicate that 600 million jobs will be needed towards 2030 to absorb the growing global workforce, which makes SME de...

Digital Bank Transformation

Game Changers for Next Gen Banking

29 Oct 2021

If personal is the name of the next gen banking game.. Financial marketers must reach out now or their window of opportunity will slam shut forever. All strategic players have come to the realization that next gen banking customers are their primary profit pool as of 2025. PWC research foresees a 42% increase of cashless payments towards 2025. The...