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Janne Jutila

Janne Jutila

VP Mobile Identity Global Business Development at Signicat AS
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Bio Business development leader and digital identity specialist Career History Background in digital identity and authentication globally, senior ICT management roles, strategy consulting, start-up companies and investment banking.


Blockchain Observations

Competition in digital money - who will win?

11 Jun 2021

The first U.S. dollar, as it is known today, was printed in 1914 upon the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Since Bretton Wood conference in 1944 U.S. dollar has been the unchallenged global reserve currency with a dominating role in global trade. Before the hegemony of dollar, during previous centuries, the status of leading currency was much...


My identity is my money

11 Feb 2019

Dictum meum pactum “My word is my bond” was the motto for trading in London Stock Exchange since 18:th century. If you made a verbal agreement, you backed it up with your money. Something similar is conveyed in the proclamation by Dave Birch, a well-known UK payments specialist, in his book “Identity is the new money”, published in 2014. He sugge...

Innovation in Financial Services

Estcoin should happen

31 Oct 2017

If you have interest in Estcoin and crypto currencies, please check my latest blog on #estcoin #eResidency Happy to engage in further activity to speed up the launch 21st century money. Janne Jutila

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