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Innovation in Financial Services

NFC Options for Banks

29 Mar 2011

In response to the blog about "Google partners Citi and MasterCard on NFC m-payments", I thought I would give you my thoughts on the NFC options that are out there. It might only be Citi for now, but I suspect all of the major banks are looking at this. There are effectively 3 ways of achieving NFC in your phone/mobile device and each ...


Options for Banks - A winner all round

12 Jan 2009

I can see the benefit of enabling customers to retrieve and spend all of their money, especially for those customers that really depend on their last £10, including thse not so well off, children and students (obviously). However, this does strike me as a potentially cynical move on behalf of the ATM provider. If there is a £2 charge to collect you...


A flawed business model?

12 Feb 2008

It comes as no big surprise to me that Monitise are making further losses. With a business model that charges customers for transactions that they can get for free from many other channels, 20p for a balance enquiry, it’s no wonder that the consumers are staying away in their droves. Today the technology is ready, but it’s not moving towards appli...


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