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Steve Scott

Steve Scott

Senior Product Manager, Business Banking at Temenos
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Bio Responsible for Analytics & AI lead solutions for Business Banking Career History Product Manager for Analytics & AI lead solutions for Business Banking since 2022 Product Manager for Corporate Suite with Temenos since 2014. Product Director for Gresham's CTC Virtual Accounts 2007 - 2013. Fundtech UK in 2001 - 2007. Worked in various roles in International Operations at NatWest for over 22 years.



Sibos - Midpoint view

28 Sep 2016

Having had a sabbatical of several years from Sibos it has been great to return to the community at Sibos 2016 in Geneva. So what has changed? The grid layout of the exhibition still provides delegates with exercise aplenty. Judging by the number of stands with business card draws for fitness trackers and the “health corners” now we can strive t...


Pay Attention or You May Lose More Than Your Shirt!

24 Oct 2011

Pay Attention! - The title of one episode of the National Geographic Channel’s series called Test Your Brain. The progamme explores how our attention selects the things we see, hear and interact with in the world. It shows the ease with which illusionists can distract victims to relieve them of their valuables conditioning them and gaining their...

SWIFT Matters

Real Time Reconciliation Crucial To Managing Liquidity Risk

23 Mar 2011

It's interesting to hear it said at IPS2011 that performing real time reconciliation is crucial to managing liquidity risk . I would agree with this but for the fact that if the demand is really there then why is it that the necessary data is so hard to come by? Crucial implies that this is must have data, but what are banks doing to ensure tha...


Are Banks nervous about Banking Apps?

01 Mar 2010

I downloaded the NatWest iPhone App recently and at first thought it was just great, but now I'm getting bored with it. Presentation is fine, navigation no problems, but functionally it now seems lacking. I want it to do more, I want to be able make payments, account transfers, edit standing orders etc. I also want to do the same with my accounts...