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Martin Smith

Director of Strategy & Innovation at Jaywing
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Bio Martin is in expert in using data and insight to drive improved decisions. At Jaywing, he oversees client strategy as well as software and analytical innovation, such as the use of AI to improve credit, fraud and marketing propensity outcomes. Having undertaken a broad range of roles encompassing IT, credit risk decisioning, fraud, and digital marketing, Martin has a wealth of knowledge on how data plays into every customer touchpoint. Career History Martin started his career at first direct, working in IT development overseeing marketing, internet banking and credit risk systems. Subsequent consultancy roles at TransUnion and Experian expanded both his exposure to financial services and knowledge of the use of consumer data.


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Upcoming AI regulations – and how to get ahead of them

08 Jun 2021

In April 2021, the EU proposed new regulation around the use of AI. Despite having left the EU, it remains the case that the UK lending market is intrinsically linked to the European banking sector and that the requirements of larger trading blocs tend to dictate the likely direction of travel for smaller markets such as the UK. Because of this, w...