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DGM at Vodafone m-pesa Ltd
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Bio Started first of its kind Institutional domain in mobile wallet ( Mobile Payments) industry in India. For the first time mobile payments are now considered as a transaction banking ( cash management) solution. Part of founding team, Involved in long term strategy, Platform, Distribution, Budgeting a Career History


Innovation in Financial Services

Cashless Society : A Journey For Better India -Fintech Revolution-and Even Better Bharat -Financial

05 Jun 2016

Are you sure you want to do this? Richa, my wife asked as I shared my idea to undertake an experiment in which I will stop using cash and instead use only digital forms of payment. Colleagues said going cashless in India is difficult and that I wouldn’t be able to manage more than a week. All this and the fundamental question “As a believer in digi...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Cash-less in Singapore and key takeaway for Developing economies

06 Mar 2016

"Are you sure you want to do this" Richa asked. I must confess I was not, but decided to go for it and thus started this journey from Mumbai to Singapore and back without single penny cash. Yes, that’s right Just a credit, debit and travel prepaid card. Transit (Home to Airport): Ordered OLA and paid using the OLA money wallet, funding sa...


Innovation in Financial Services

Emerging Trend in Prepaid Instruments: Corporate Cash Management

29 Oct 2015

Traditionally banks have run Cash Management as proprietary business with little or negligible participation from other market players. It is one the biggest contributor of Current Account float and helps in getting bank better spread on lending.The maximum portion of this transaction flow has originated from Top cities however in last few years t...


Financial Inclusion

Future of Micro Lending

22 Oct 2015

Why do you need an alternative? Current model is unable to serve a large base of potential consumers Existing model is costly and unaffordable In case of lending (specifically small value lending) the manner in which it is done, has not seen change for a very long period of time possibly since inception. Till a few years back and in 99 % of curre...