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Bio Solution Consultant - Corporate Banking Career History Two decades of experience in understanding banking processes, identifying improvement opportunities, recommending and implementing solutions


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Navigating the Transformational Landscape of Transaction Banking: Build vs. Buy Dilemma

24 May 2023

As businesses get digitalized and the era of "Everything Real-Time" kicks in, transaction banking needs to change. More and more banks are aligning their internal systems and processes to address the changing demands of the customer. Corporate Treasury is now looking to play a strategic role and are looking forward to their banks to prov...

Digital Banking

Corporate Treasurers- Better Banking Days Ahead

19 Feb 2023

Corporate treasury is no longer seen as a cost centre. It is expected to play a key role in business policy decisions and new business initiatives. This requires a shift in focus from repetitive BAU activities to, timely and accurate, data driven decision making for efficient working capital management. Given an option, 70% (as per IDC White Paper...


Trade Digitalization - Key Drivers, Challenges and Solution Approach(es)

16 Feb 2023

Changing customer expectations, quest for process efficiency and business growth, growing industry and regulatory support for digital trade continue to be the key drivers for digitalization of trade finance. Given the archaic interaction mechanisms and customer demand for better experience, channels continue to be the area of immediate focus for ba...


Headless Core - Core Banking Migration

15 Feb 2023

New age core banking solutions like Thought Machine, Mambu and Pismo are on their way to transform banking as we know today Simplistically put, these are a set of cloud native, even driven domain microservices that facilitate quick creation and launch of new products, configuration of workflows, accounting entries and interface with other internal...