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Bio I have been CEO of HPD Software since 2016, where I was previously COO. Career History I began my career more than 25 years ago as a software developer at HPD and have worked my way up the ranks, holding positions as a business analyst, product director and COO.



Technology can help close the trillion dollar trade-finance gap - and help banks in the process

11 Nov 2019

Trade finance has delivered value over centuries by making sure exporters are paid and importers actually receive the goods they need. It facilitates 80 per cent of merchandise trade flows annually. But there is a supply and demand trade-finance gap, with varying estimates of its size put forward by a range of financial institutions. The most rece...


European ABF and Factoring: Why France and Germany are the markets to watch

20 May 2019

Asset-based finance (ABF) globally is experiencing unprecedented growth. According to global factoring association FCI, last year the industry recorded high single-digit growth rates, with total ABF lending standing at close to US$3 trillion. While the US is the most mature market, Europe is increasingly emerging as a dominant force, accounting fo...


The Collaboration Game

09 Apr 2019

I was recently on a panel session at the RFIx Receivables Finance International Convention in London. We were discussing the future of receivable finance and, inevitably, conversation turned to the formation of various BlockChain consortia and the wider atmosphere of collaboration. A question from the audience challenging the reality of collaborat...


Top tips for asset based finance lenders in minimising their risk

12 Mar 2019

Like all areas of financial services, asset based lending and invoice factoring bring with them a raft of inherent risks that banks and providers must face and ensure are minimised to protect both themselves and their clients. The sheer range of risks is daunting, and the repercussions of poor of risk management can have potentially serious conseq...