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Andrew Marshman

Andrew Marshman

Senior Account Executive at ACI Worldwide (EMEA) Ltd
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Bio Sales and Account Management to Tier 1 retailers in Europe for payments managed services. Career History Mosaic Software from 2000 until acquired by S1 in 2006 and then by ACI in 2014. Successful in sales of payments software and managed services to retailers, processors and banks. Previously held Product Management roles. Book author and contributor of articles to journals and blogs.


Digital Banking Trends

eCommerce is coming to a store near you

05 Feb 2019

Despite payment vendors continuing to develop strategies for omnichannel, it is still a moving target. But it is essential to get it right. The best vendors offer solutions that allow for a single cloud payment service that creates a single view of the customer across both stores and digital channels. Top retailers use these solutions to offer cust...

Disruption in Retail Banking

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Omni-Channel Day

07 Dec 2017

I have been proclaiming for some time that ‘omni-payment’ is the missing element in many retailers’ full omni-channel customer service offering. What I mean is that many retailers offer their goods and services in-store and through various digital channels, but payments are often still processed by different systems and operate in silos. There are...


Vanilla Payments Don't Always Cut the Mustard

04 Oct 2017

Five years ago, there was a clear trend among major brick-and-mortar retailers to bring in their own payments software. Except for very small retailers that used bank-owned stand-alone POS terminals, retailers wanted to own and operate their own systems – usually licensed products from a small number of specialist payments software vendors. This a...


Are Card Payments Getting Simpler Or More Complex?

16 Aug 2017

Throughout the year, there has been plenty of discussion around frictionless payments, and reducing complexity for both consumers and for merchants. So, are card payments getting simpler, or more complex? The answer seems to be… both. The processes and IT systems needed by a retailer to send card payments to a bank for authorization, and subsequent...