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Are virtual wallets the future of payments?

28 Dec 2023

With the ‘wallet wars’ being waged over recent months, there has been much talk of virtual wallets becoming a vital part of the payments system. Whether a digital wallet (which links to a payment card) or an eWallet (which uses funds deposited into it), the popularity of virtual wallets is clear. This has been captured in a report from Juniper Res...


Open banking must step up its fraud prevention

21 Dec 2023

Through open banking, the European Union continues to embrace its interconnected financial ecosystem; connecting, collaborating and sharing customer data instantly. Yet, the risk of fraud looms larger than ever. Today’s criminals are relentless architects of deception, exploiting every crack in our financial systems at the touch of a button. They t...


Ready for ISO 20022?

10 Mar 2023

ISO 20022 is now imminent, with a go-live in just ten days. Are you ready for this essential transformational change? After the delayed November 2022 launch date for ISO 20022, the new date of this new standard in financial messages is looming. March 20, 2023, is the new go-live date for ISO 20022. There has been much noise in the banking sector ab...


What is SWIFT Go, and why is it so innovative?

09 Feb 2023

SWIFT is always at the forefront of payment innovation. So, in true SWIFT style, the organization has recently launched a new standard for low-value international payments, name SWIFT Go. Momentum to use SWIFT Go is building up, and already 64 banks are testing to prepare to go live by the end of 2023. So far, over 250 banks have registered their i...