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Innovation in Financial Services

From Novelty to Necessity: The Evolution of Personalisation in Financial Services

11 Aug 2017

I can vividly recall, 20 years ago when I walked into my local bank branch to apply for a line of credit to purchase a car. The bank arranged a personal meeting with the manager of the branch – a unique customer service experience that I haven’t forgotten. This face-to-face interaction may only have been a simple gesture by today’s standards but

Disruption in Retail Banking

Financial services: the race to empower customers

03 Aug 2017

Last month the finance ministry announced that Britons could save hundreds of millions a year as credit and debit card fees added to payments will be axed from January 2018. The total value of surcharges for the use of debit and credit cards was estimated at £473 million in 2010. There was an immediate impact with shares in take-away food app Just...

Innovation in Financial Services

GDPR: The catalyst for digital transformation

16 Jun 2017

The countdown is on. The much-discussed EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in less than a year and has the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on hand to dish out punitive fines for non-compliance. Most conversations about the issue have been security-focused and riddled with consternation. It seems not a day goe...

Innovation in Financial Services

How Retail Banking is Responding to the Age of Customer-centricity

03 May 2017

Customer experience is of paramount importance to companies across all industries. No longer does a bank only have to consider how its customer service measures up to rival banks, it’s also compared to that provided by retailers, telcos and companies in the hospitality space. The implication being, to stay ahead of the pack, financial services fir...