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Andy Bottrill

Andy Bottrill

Regional Vice President at BlackLine
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Bio I am responsible for the growth of the financial automation software provider BlackLine across the Northern European Territory. BlackLine provides software that automates and manages complex, manual, and repetitive accounting processes. Career History With extensive Cloud Software experience, I have worked with key flagship brands to enable them to embrace a Modern Finance model with a focus on helping those businesses to deliver greater efficiency and transparency linked to cost savings.


Trends in Financial Services

Rise of the machines - understanding automation

25 Apr 2017

Whilst there’s little denying that AI, machine learning and automation are some of the most important developing technologies, headlines that announce: “The robots are taking our jobs!” may be a little premature. When it comes to the accounting department there’s no technology (yet) that can match the problem-solving adaptability of an experienced...


Reforging the UK CFO

06 Apr 2017

The CFO is facing an identity crisis. Despite their best efforts, the outdated stereotype of the penny-pinching bean counter still prevails in UK business circles. We conducted research into UK business decision makers’ views of the c-suite and, to put it lightly, the CFO did not come out favourably. To be clear, we don’t think this is because the...