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Bio I am passionate about helping early stage companies to grow and succeed. I help improve FinTech collaboration between FinTechs and their customers. Career History I am both an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur. For Reuters, I built an online discount market for air freight before the internet existed and an electronic fixed income broker for Instinet. I then founded Expand Research which we grew and sold to Boston Consulting Group. FinTech is in my blood!



What does FinTech investment success look like?

30 Mar 2017

CBInsights quote "Venture Capital Funnel Shows Odds of Becoming a Unicorn Are Less than 1%" seems to imply everything else is failure. I strongly disagree. They reinforced this impression by saying further down in the article "70% of companies end up either dead, or become self-sustaining (maybe great for the company but not so great...


Why professionalising entrepreneurship and sales focus are key for startup success

20 Jan 2017

I read a fascinating blog this morning by Slava Akhmechet, a founder of RethinkDB on why they failed (see here: There are two critical insights for me in this blog. The first is that the team wanted to build an elegant product and believed that once they had done this the market would...


If technology and people power can solve the Southern Rail strike - what will it do for Finance?

14 Dec 2016

Yesterday I had to take four buses to get to work in defiance of the Train unions. This gave me the time to think about how we can resolve the impasse between the train company and the unions that is causing so much pain to hundreds of thousands of people. The conclusion I came to is to use technology to break the monopoly of the unions. How is thi...


Is technology still the edge for FinTechs?

13 Dec 2016

Now IT development costs are so low for start-ups I feel that technology is no longer the key edge for FinTechs. I read an interesting press release recently from an early stage vendor who was just announcing a strategic partnership with a large data vendor. I found it particularly interesting because they touch on the nub of the challenge that man...