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Ron Teicher

Ron Teicher

Founder and CEO at EverCompliant
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Bio Ron is the founder and CEO of EverCompliant and has led EverCompliant from inception to becoming the world technological pioneer & leader in the field of merchant based fraud and Transaction Laundering detection. Career History Prior to EverCompliant, Ron led the compliance product initiatives at Watchfire, which was acquired by IBM. He is also a member of the Israeli bar association, and frequently speaks at payment and fin-tech events.


Innovation in Financial Services

Money-Laundering: Where It's Been, Where It's Going

25 Feb 2019

Crime never takes a holiday, it seems, but criminals can afford to take off as much time as they want – especially those involved in money-laundering. That's how profitable money laundering is, continuing to frustrate lawmakers and legitimate institutions alike. And one of the biggest money-laundering headaches for law enforcement, banks, and soci...


The Danske Bank Scandal: Lessons From a Money Laundering Scandal

25 Sep 2018

Danske Bank is in trouble with regulators, law enforcement, and perhaps most importantly, its clients and investors. And in the bank's woes lies a lesson for the rest of us; the world of finance today is so complicated that even with established AML/compliance programs in place, it's possible for criminals to exploit the banking or financial platf...


Transaction Laundering - Money Laundering Goes Electronic in the 21st Century

04 Jun 2018

The age-old art of hiding money from governments truly took flight in the online era. The good news for us (and bad news for cyber criminals) is that regulators are starting to use technology to catch up. In October 1931, American gangster Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion of approximately $1 million and sentenced to 11 years in prison. Federa...


Cooking the Bookings? How Airbnb Became Entangled in a Transaction Laundering Scandal

27 Feb 2018

In 2008, Airbnb entered the international hospitality scene and, in no time, changed the shape of the industry – offering a non-traditional, traveler-friendly alternative to hotels and lodging, both short-and long-term rental options of people’s apartments and homes with reasonable rates and a variety of amenities. In March 2017, the company close...