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Chief Strategy Officer at InAuth
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Bio Michael Lynch serves as Chief Strategy Officer, where he is responsible for leading InAuth's new products strategy, along with developing key domestic and international partnerships. Career History Prior to joining InAuth, Lynch served as a Senior Vice President for Bank of America, responsible for Authentication Strategy. He served at Bank of America for 14 years in various leadership positions within technology, customer protection, and online and mobile security strategy roles.



Cardless ATMs: Best Practices To Support Cardless ATM Innovation

03 Nov 2017

A number of major financial institutions are continuing to innovate with their cardless ATM capabilities, allowing customers to withdraw money from an ATM using a mobile app to initiate the transaction. Large banks are taking a number of approaches to cardless ATMs transactions, including enabling customers to log in to their banking app with their...



Do Biometrics Keep You Safe? Yes...and...No

04 Oct 2017

The “Yes” – Better Than a Password Biometrics are a big step forward in authentication. Biometrics uniquely identify the user to ensure they are authorized to access certain information and functionality. With the widespread adoption of mobile, and biometric scanners built into smartphones and laptops, consumers are now using biometric access mor...

Online Banking

Mobile Malware Targeting Banks

20 Jun 2017

Mobile malware threats are very real, and growing in sophistication. On mobile, many new types of malicious software have spread via phishing, smishing (SMS based phishing), and even malicious apps disguised as legitimate apps that consumers knowingly download. For this reason, businesses need to implement device intelligence solutions that have t...

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Malware: The Hidden Threat to Your Mobile Device

31 Mar 2017

Many mobile device users are aware of basic fraud prevention steps like not clicking on suspicious links or downloading unknown apps. But what if the malware threats of the future come preinstalled on the mobile device itself? According to a recent article on Ars Technica, such a situation was recently uncovered by Check Point Software Technologies...