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Head of Global Sales at Pelican
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Bio I head up the global sales team at Pelican. We enable Intelligent Payments Management through the application of Artificial Intelligence to the payments life cycle including compliance operations. To date, Pelican has processed over 1 billion transactions, worth over USD 5 trillion in 55 countries.



A brave new world: the need for innovation in B2B payments

27 Oct 2016

Simplicity and flexibility. In the many conversations our teams have with corporate treasurers working in multinational organisations around the world, these are the two words we find constantly repeated. This is hardly a surprise. It does, however, beg the question as to why this is still such an issue in the world of B2B payments and what needs t...


Don’t be that company

18 Oct 2016

Violating sanctions can be deadly for a business. Compliance is the answer, but how can corporates – traditionally less regulated than their banking counterparts – ensure this? While there have been several major sanctions violations making the news in the past few years, the bulk of these stories have been focussed on banks, mainly as they are mor...



Addressing AML concerns

13 Oct 2016

In the run up to Sibos an interview on CNBC Europe with UBS Group CEO, Sergio Ermotti, discussing Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer policies caught my attention. Covering AML and KYC, Sergio went to great lengths to describe his company’s policies as robust and trusted. Given recent issues at UBS, hearing this may be of comfort to regula...