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Bio 20 years in Financial Services, from Strategy Consulting to Digital Banking to Digital Insurance. Now focusing on Artificial Intelligence applications for Financial Services.



The crucial data missing from online banking... and customers would love to know

22 Feb 2016

When I log into my online banking, I always find two account balances: the one I see on the screen (duh) and the one I need to figure out in my head (ouf!). The worst part is, neither of them are accurate or satisfactory... “How much money do I have? I mean, really?” I'm asking when I log in. Keyword: really! As a user, what I want is to have my fi...


Why Digital Money Management is Set to Emerge in Asia

21 Dec 2015

The other day, a reputable digital banker asked me, “How many lives does PFM have?” I smiled. Whereas Digital Money Management (also known as PFM, Personal Financial Management) in Europe is arguably on its second (or third) life, Asian banks have the opportunity to adopt next-generation PFM for the very first time, while simultaneously avoiding ...


SIBOS 2015: Banks called to action. Radically.

02 Nov 2015

SIBOS 2015 clearly showed how banking is at an inflection point. Like every year, there is a general feeling that SIBOS 2015 helped raise the banks’ awareness of the values at stake and the challenges ahead. But this year more than ever, the SWIFT flagship conference also helped banks leap forward into next-generation banking by pushing for new an...