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The Payment Switch - A Complex Fabric of Business and Technology

30 Sep 2016

Payment Switch is a complex fabric in which functionality and technicality are intricately woven to provide a solid platform to deliver ever increasing different type of payment services with high throughput & resilience. From 10000 Feet view, it might seem that “PS” is a generic platform used to transform and route different kind-off payment



Payment Bank: A differentiator or an extension of Business Correspondent Banking

03 Mar 2016

RBI (Reserve Bank of India) formally introduced the Financial Inclusion policy during 2005-06 with the main objective of connecting underbanked/unbanked people with the banking system. Approximately, 50-60 INR is per transaction cost at branch level and at ATM its 15-20 INR. Penetration of both branch and ATM is not good enough considering varied d...