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Financial Services Regulation

Slow Third Quarter for Foreign Direct Investment Changes

24 Sep 2021

As expected, it’s been a slow third quarter for changes to foreign direct investment (FDI). Following on from my last update, we’ll start in the AsiaPac region and move westward. Australia has been evaluating the reforms to foreign direct investment that commenced in beginning of the year. The Treasury is evaluating whether these reforms have stru...

Financial Services Regulation

Around the World of Foreign Direct Investment

14 Jul 2021

Just coming up for some air, having had a busy first half to 2021 and realizing that my update on foreign direct investment is long overdue. Let’s not waste any time because there’s plenty to report since my end of year 2020 roundup. Early in the year, Germany issued a consultation to amend its FDI regime and made the following effective 1 May 20...

Financial Services Regulation

Rounding out 2020 Foreign Direct Investment Regulations

14 Jan 2021

Now that we have seen a close to 2020, let’s take a look at foreign investment changes around the globe. Following on from my 2nd installment in September, foreign investment regulations have continued to tighten in the more democratic nations and loosen in those less so. In November, the UK government introduced the National Security and Invest...

Financial Services Regulation


18 Nov 2020

On 10 July 2020, the SEC released for comment a proposed rule that would change the reporting threshold for Form 13F from $100 million to $3.5 billion for institutional investment managers. The SEC thought it was a good time to increase the threshold which was established 45 years ago to reflect the change in size and structure of the U.S. equitie...