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So You Think You Want a Career in Banking, Eh?

23 Jul 2019

Currently, there is much written about careers in banking. It's not fake news, but it sounds more like fantasy news. Here is my interpretation of the real landscape, and I offer it to readers just to level the marketing hype with reality: Goal Reality Quick rise to the top Never happens in a bank. It takes 30 ...


Auditing the Pundits Who Report on U.S. Core Systems Market

08 Jul 2019

Opinions are valuable, but when they are based on errors, they become dangerous. Following are the disparities, the claims of pundits and my truths: Claim: 4 core vendors owned 96% of the market in 2013. Truth: The four never owned that much. In 2013, "Automation in Banking" reported 81% was owned by Fiserv, JackHenry, FIS and Harland F...


Three IT Companies the POTUS Will Not Worry About Leaving the U.S.

02 Nov 2018

For the past 45 years I have commented publicly and opined privately on the comparative values of the top core system vendors. I have always defined "top" by the number of their core system customers. Before the consolidation of core companies, which took off in 1987, the top group included ten companies. Today, that number is three, Fi...

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A Perfect Core System that Never Made it to Market

22 Oct 2018

If ever, or at least the past 45 years, there was a software marriage (integration) of two core systems that I considered the perfect transaction, it would have been Metavante's IBS and Temenos's T24. My use of the word "perfect" is based on a legacy core system with functionality that grew during a 40-year development process plus a mo...


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