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Chip and Pin cards? 'Like'!

10 Sep 2012

The emergence and rapid proliferation of chip and pin cards across the globe is not a surprising phenomenon. These cards were first introduced in Europe and rapidly spread to Asia but have just entered the US, which was slow to embrace this technology. Replacing the magnetic strip technology that was in vogue, smartcards, as they are also known, ...



The significance of a Single Customer View

04 Sep 2012

Customers often face problems while dealing with the customer service of their banks, but topping their list is not getting a consistent answer to their queries. Isn't it a fair ask to expect the same response, same data, same information over any voice, electronic, social or branch channel? But why are banks not able to provide this consistency? ...



Will be or will not be, that is the question!

28 Aug 2012

Will it, wont it? Speculation on the fate of the bank branch is similar to the Loch Ness monster debate in at least one way - no one knows for sure. Branches can only try to prolong their survival and then hope for the best. Luckily for them, with some refocus and redefinition, they have more than a fair chance of making it through the next few yea...