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Mark Sitkowski

Mark Sitkowski

Consultant at Design Simulation Systems Ltd
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Bio Consultant at SteelPlatez Security, managing fraudproof ATM and online banking project. Skills include Unix, TCP/IP, Agile, PMBOK, Oracle, javascript and anything technical



Enhancing POS Terminal Security

30 May 2017

The thefts of credit card details from a host of retail outlets and, more recently, from a series of hotel chains, underlines the fundamental weakness in the way point of sale terminals handle authentication data. In fact, anywhere a credit or debit card is used, such as an ATM or online store, suffers from the same vulnerability. Although credit ...


Data Security breach, data security breach... and Juniper

25 Dec 2015

What’s wrong with these people? Is it because mathematics has been dropped from the engineering syllabus at universities, or is it because everyone employs the same incompetent security people to do the architecture of their security system? Making the whole thing bulletproof is easy, and I’ll explain how it’s done – if only to show how little unde...


The Flaw in POS terminal security. Solved

18 Aug 2014

However advanced the security model used by a retailer's point of sale terminals, whether it be biometrics, EMV cards, one time passwords or any other kind, the single point of failure is the fact that useful data is left behind on the retailer's system. This makes it an attractive target for hackers, who bypass the authentication system, by hackin...


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