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Batch data: the overnight killer

19 Nov 2012

Are banks further behind the digital age than first thought? In a story earlier this year on the FT, they revealed that most investment banks still rely on overnight batch data to make trading decisions. To quote the article exactly, it says: “In the financial services sector, most investment banks still rely on overnight batch data to make tradin...


Cloud Undercover

22 Jun 2012

Whether businesses like it or not cloud computing has crept into their infrastructures, in some cases under the radar of IT managers and is doing so via consumer technologies such as DropBox, SkyDrive and Oxygen, something which is turning cloud computing into a stealth-like technology. Many organisations have decided to taking a step back before ...


Is big data really here?

13 Jun 2012

One of my earlier blog posts discussed Big Data in 2012 and its forecasted popularity throughout the year. The post explored how companies have the opportunity to take advantage of the market intelligence available to them, and if they choose to do so, how it will position them as leading the way for other sectors to follow. Now, comfortably sat ...



The future of big data for the stockbroker

30 Apr 2012

In an industry that needs to securely store large consumptions of confidential and corporate data, the financial sector is quick to embrace the progression of technology that can support their needs through a more advanced storage system. It’s a sector that has been keen to drive big data forward in the last couple of years, but with as storage s...