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Bio Rick Song is the CEO and cofounder of Persona, the identity infrastructure company offering businesses the building blocks to create a personalized identity verification experience for any use case. Earlier in his career, Rick noticed a fundamental problem with identity verification: providers were taking a one-size-fits-all approach that did not meet businesses' needs and consumers' expectations. In 2018, Rick cofounded Persona with CTO Charles Yeh to tackle this problem with the mission to be the identity layer of the internet. Rick and his team are working toward making the internet a safer place by providing a customized solution that takes into account user base, regulatory requirements, appetite for risk, and unique verification requirements. Persona is backed by Index Ventures and Coatue and serves a wide range of industries with customers including Square, Sonder, Brex, Gusto, Coursera, and Toast.


Fintech World

Dynamic IDV: Solving The Complex Challenge of Evolving Identity

07 Jun 2023

To most organizations you interact with, your identity extends beyond just who you are. For a healthcare institution, your identity is you plus your proof of insurance. In dealing with your stockbroker, bank or mortgage lender, it’s you plus your money, your social security number, credit rating, etc. And for companies that answer to regulators, y...