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Ramona Ciocea

Head of Business Development at Protokol
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Career History Ramona Ciocea is Head of Business Development at Protokol, a specialist Web3 development and consulting partner that delivers custom solutions, products and dApps to market. At Protokol she focuses on helping organisations and brands within Gaming, Sports, Esports & Luxury to unlock their Web3 potential.


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GameFi and gaming economies: a little less conversation, a little more action

28 Apr 2023

Reading the news, it can feel hard to tell whether Web3 gaming is celebrated, hated, or somewhere in between. Every week there is a new headline about a company doubling down on its investment in in-game NFTs, or backlash from gamers against high entry prices to play-to-earn games. The debate about Web3 gaming might continue to rage, but ultimatel...