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Anshuman Prasad

Global Head of Risk Analytics at CRISIL
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Bio Anshuman Prasad is the Global Head of Risk Analytics and Markets Transformation for CRISIL, and is responsible for managing services in Risk Analytics, including the application of new age techniques (AI and ML) and model risk across banking, insurance, and asset management clients. Career History Anshuman has 19 years of experience in the consulting space and has worked with clients across the globe in setting up teams and processes to achieve key regulatory and organizational objectives. Prior to joining CRISIL in 2020, he was a partner at E&Y and he also worked for Moody's Analytics as a Managing Director in their risk and compliance services practice.


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Seven challenges financial institutions must address to harness machine learning’s potential

09 Mar 2023

Machine learning (ML), the most prominent arm of artificial intelligence (AI), cuts both ways for the financial services industry, where its applications are getting wider by the day. The benefits are obvious. ML models are trained to learn from results just as the human brain does and can execute complex tasks at a scale and speed humans simply c...