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Chief Product Officer at Chetwood Financial
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Financial Inclusion

Confronting financial exclusion: what banks can learn from fintechs

04 Jan 2023

In the current economic climate, as people all over the UK are grappling with record-high inflation and still-rising interest rates, it’s been suggested that as much as 40% of the population could fall into fuel poverty this coming winter. In April 2022, almost 14% of households in the UK were struggling to afford food, with figures on the rise. ...


Long reads

Embedded finance: The surprising solution to greater financial inclusion

28 Sep 2022

This article was co-authored by Sophia Sanders, Head of Partnerships at Chetwood Financial. To fully discuss embedded finance and the many doors it unlocks, we must first return to an older but no less relevant buzz phrase: open banking. Open banking has captured the industry’s attention for some time now. Allowing users to share their financial d...