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What skills are fintech employers seeking in 2023?

07 Jul 2023

The workplace is changing at an unprecedented rate, and with it, how and why recruiters choose certain applicants over others. Historically, career progression and recruitment worked in a linear fashion, with experience and education certain to give one candidate an edge over another. Post-COVID, however, everything has changed. Research from McKi...

How to respond to 'tell me about yourself' in interviews

16 Jun 2023

You have been called for an interview, which means that you have already beaten 80% of applicants. Now you just need to outperform the other interviewees to secure an offer. This seems like positive odds, yet the majority of candidates will stumble when the interviewer asks “tell me about yourself?” Because this question is generally proffered as ...

3 useful ways to prevent ‘perkwashing’ at work

12 May 2023

From coffee machines in the communal kitchen to onsite gyms, employee perks vary from industry to industry. However, with the demand for hybrid working and the increased attention on diversity and inclusion policies, ‘perkwashing’ has become a very real concern among those switching jobs. Much like greenwashing, perkwashing refers to policies that...

How to start a remote job without harming your performance

14 Apr 2023

Mark Zuckerberg may have said it first, but he is not the only founder who realised that lacklustre online onboarding systems are problematic for both the employee and the employer. The pandemic resulted in many companies adopting hybrid and remote working sooner than they may have expected. While the results relating to productivity and profit sho...