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Ekmel Cilingir

Chairman of the Supervisory Board at European Merchant Bank
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Bio Mr. Ekmel Cilingir currently holds the title of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of European Merchant Bank UAB and is primarily responsible for the bank's strategic oversight, external leadership on critical high level regulatory and political relationships and promoting the highest standard of corporate governance besides other duties. Career History Mr. Ekmel Cilingir has more than two decades of experience in the banking industry. In his positions, he managed Operations, Treasury, Trade Finance, Deposit Product and Credits within corporate and retail banking segments.



How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionising the Fintech Landscape?

03 May 2023

Lately, the FinTech industry has witnessed a significant transformation due to the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). This cutting-edge technology has opened up novel avenues, streamlined and refined operations, bolstered security measures and elevated customer service. While AI has numerous advantages, it also poses challenges that are pe...


5 lessons banks must learn from fintech companies

10 Oct 2022

The value of the global financial technology (fintech) market was USD 112.5 billion last year. The same market is projected to grow threefold to reach USD 332.5 billion over the next six years. This growth is sending a clear signal to the banking sector: a new aggressive player has joined them at the poker table and, if they do not act, it will ta...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Fintech versus Banks: Time to Choose the Best Strategy.

09 Aug 2022

The fintech industry is like an everlasting engine. Even in the most turbulent of times, when the world is beset by crises and hardships, its revs have hardly decremented. Well, and over time, this expeditious magnification of fintech is increasingly making banks wonder – what’s next? And there are only two possible answers to this question: compe...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

The future of banking in the EU: Four trends

17 May 2022

Banking has advanced so much across the EU in recent years that even customers themselves do not always keep up with the innovations. In this insight, I will look at the most striking innovations of recent years and those that will continue to improve banking. Environmental influences and security There is no doubt that the big breakthrough came in...