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Associate Director, Product Management at Edgeverve (an Infosys subsidiary)
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Bio Conceptualizing and creating new software products. Career History Launch profitable products, from ideation to implementation.



Dawn of the digital...

30 Jun 2015

After World War II, the countries that were deeply engaged in war, whether or not they suffered major damages, are the ones progressing the most today. The pain of war and the possibility of its recurrence, kept them agile and ‘on their toes’. There is a similar war-like ‘opportunity’ today, and it concerns our beloved banking industry. Most ana



Multi-Channel - I am not your fan!!

27 Jan 2014

Over a bright Sunday, I went out with my daughters to a park full of swings, see-saws and slides, to enjoy the winter sun. The purpose was to do ‘only physical sports and games’ and avoid going to a shopping mall, with its artificial play areas and junk food options keeping the children away from the ‘real’ games we used to play in our childhood. ...



Is that a channel or yet another device?

28 Jan 2013

The banker’s definition of a ‘channel’ is notably different from that of the vendor community in general, and this is reflected in the kind of solutions existing today, which claim to solve the multi-channel puzzle. For a bank, a channel is a conduit to distribute its products & services to customers, either pushed by the former or pulled by th...