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The Payments Business

What Is Merchant Acquiring? The Ultimate Guide

19 Oct 2022

Welcome to the exciting world of payments! In this fascinating industry, acquiring is a key aspect. But what exactly is merchant acquiring? And how does it differ from an issuing bank or a payment processor? Read on to learn more about this important part of the payments ecosystem. A customer's transaction is just a tap away with their card. But wh...


Embedded Finance

Community Banking 2.0: Why Should Neobanks Focus on Niche Markets?

25 May 2022

The banking industry is undergoing a material shift in how businesses and consumers bank with an explosion of new alternative offerings. One of the most interesting phenomena that is developing as part of the fintech revolution is 'niche banking'. The niche banking model helps meet the needs of a growing segment of the population who feel underser...

Embedded Finance

What Is Banking as a Service And Why Should You Care

10 May 2022

The financial services industry has rarely seen change as dramatic as it has in the past decade. The emergence of FinTech companies, the necessity to create smarter and more efficient technology, and the growth of innovative financial services has drastically changed the way these services are delivered. One of these financial innovations is “Bank...


Digital Banking Trends

How To Start A Neobank in 2023?

05 May 2022

There’s a growing need for banking services that go beyond mere transactions. People want to interact with brands that enhance their lives and make them feel connected — not just push products on them. It may be tempting to try to please all markets and audiences, but attempting to appeal to everyone leads to mediocrity and a lack of intense feeli...