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Blockchain Observations

A Brand Gauge On SuperRare Clone And Its Proficiency

15 Mar 2022

There are many platforms with good traction and global attention. The high tech world is heading towards the most technologically advanced market. With the height of decentralization the ruling space blockchain, along with digital assets and digital currencies, is embellishing the throne. While SuperRare like NFT marketplace trading exclusive art

Blockchain Observations

Discord Game Marketing Services - A Hot Ticket To Track Global Attention

03 Mar 2022

Gaming is a soaring industry with huge returns. But like any other business, a perfect marketing strategy can help it gain proper insight and traction in the market. And if you are someone looking out for an ideal marketing and community building strategy, vest on Discord Game Marketing services. And to know what this is all about, go ahead read

Blockchain Observations

Seize your Audience with NFT Discord Marketing to Stitch them into your business

25 Feb 2022

One highly impactful business in society today is crypto, and there are various businesses blooming in this sphere. From trading, fundraising, exchanges, and many more. As the entities grow, the competition is also high. And the business needs to maintain its community better. Individuals in the space want to pocket their audience better. For th

Blockchain Observations

Play-To-Earn NFT Gaming Like Axie Infinity Opening Up Space For New Startups To Explore

10 Feb 2022

The gaming community is highly competitive with amazing features that are supportive in the market. Nearly $196 billion was the revenue hit in the gaming industry. Everything is pushed up in terms of gaming modules, play theme, and storyline. While its platforms are highly dominant, from regular VR, AR, API, and others, now blockchain is playing