Saeed Patel

Saeed Patel

Group Director of Product Development Management at Eastnets
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Bio Saeed is responsible for Eastnets product strategy for Financial Crime Compliance, Anti-Fraud and Payment Hub solutions. Career History Saeed has over 25 years' experience working in capital markets, risk management technology firms and has been a technical advisor to European regulatory boards. Saeed is a Chartered Management Accountant and is based at Eastnets London office.



EU closes tracking dirty money

01 Mar 2023

A judgment by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) may have turned back the clock on effective anti-money laundering capability. In a surprise announcement on the 22nd of November, the CJEU closed the doors on public access to company beneficial ownership registers. This decision is counter to the requirements of the EU's 5th EU Anti-...


A look back: the top developments in regulatory compliance in 2022

02 Feb 2023

The carousel of financial sector regulations must continuously turn to keep up with an evolving space. As new technologies come along, new threats follow. In 2022, cyber attacks continued unabated, with a report showing that more than half of financial firms were hit by ransomware in 2021. Crypto assets have also changed the financial landscape ad...


Can you control cryptocurrency?

16 Nov 2022

Since the creation of the Mesopotamian shekel, the first known currency minted 5,000 years ago, some medium for exchanging goods and services has existed. People like money so much that our world revolves around its creation and exchange. In 2008, a new currency entered the financial lexicon. This innovation in monetary exchange was based on a pap...


Will Variable Recurring Payments kill direct debits?

25 Oct 2022

The world of consumer banking received an innovation boost when the EU regulation PSD2 enforced the rails for Open Banking. This disruptive force offers new ways to streamline payments and is predicted by Juniper Research to handle more than $116 billion in global payment transactions by 2026. Innovations such as Open Banking often have a domino e...