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Banking Architecture

Why banking infrastructure is broken blog #4 – how will the fabric of money change?

19 May 2022

The increasing digitalisation of our world is impacting all of our everyday lives - and money is no exception. At its core, what money is and its capabilities are. We’re seeing government, big tech, traditional banks, fintechs and crypto firms exploring and harnessing the potential of CBDCs, stablecoins and other forms of digital money that rely on...

Banking Architecture

Why banking infrastructure is broken blog #3 – who will run the payment rails of the future?

13 Apr 2022

In this instalment of ‘Why banking infrastructure is broken’, we’ll take a look at payment rails. We’ll explore the issues with payment rails today, what needs to change and setting the right foundations for creating payment rails which are fit for purpose. Payments are the part of the banking system that people touch every day. This exchange of ...


Banking Architecture

Why banking infrastructure is broken blog #2: why banking infrastructure must change

06 Apr 2022

As technology has evolved and opened up new possibilities for the way businesses and consumers interact with their financial service provider, neo banks, fintechs and increasingly non-financial brands have paved the way for innovation. However, much of this technology rests on traditional banking infrastructure, which is largely outdated and not fi...

Banking Architecture

An introduction to… Why banking infrastructure is broken

29 Mar 2022

The rise of fintech is dramatically reshaping the financial services market. The emergence of new technologies and capabilities has bought about enormous change across the entire landscape, change that hasn’t occurred at such a rate for centuries. To date, this innovation has largely concentrated on the front-end user experience, including extensi...