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Digital Bank Transformation

Can Cloud rain $$$ in these storms?

21 Mar 2023

There is a $760 billion question on everyone’s mind, can cloud rain $760B to capture 18% CAGR? We all understand that the cloud market is highly competitive, rapidly growing, classified as "dynamic," "fast-paced," or evolving, and has increased steadily over the past decade. The expected growth will have to come from the incre

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

A Game of Confidence!

15 Mar 2023

As you know…Financial Services is a “Game of Confidence.” First Security with digital experience because... the public and shareholders expect solid controls and in-depth testing while realizing the return on investment (ROI) and understanding key considerations for robust and secure digital acceleration. Effort-based ROI: All about Business Valu


Okay! Leading with Cloud, now what?

07 Mar 2023

Shall I fall back on the past cloud strategy? Focus only on the build and speed above all else? And the answer is… Holistic strategy for Operating Model Transformation for Journey to Cloud with future-proof strategy. Go forward… · Strategize for the build, migrate and modernize · Target diverse workloads based on the circle of custome

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Lead with Cloud or Lead with data?

06 Mar 2023

All roads WILL lead to digital transformation to create the BEST customer experience. Sitting around the table, we ponder whether we should lead with Cloud or Data while forgetting that we are all the actors in the end-user show. In today's challenging macroeconomic situation and regulatory requirements, Financial institutions have realized that en...