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Detecting and Responding to Threats Fast: Building a SOC with Limited Resources

01 Jul 2022

Over the last 18 months, the need for greater cybersecurity across the globe has risen due to a significant shift to remote working and more vulnerable security infrastructure as a result of this. Organisations need to detect and neutralise a threat before it attacks, not play catchup once the impact has been felt. Some organisations use formal s...


Balancing Cyber Security Budgets: Efficiently Combating Threats Without Compromising on Performance

08 Nov 2021

Revenue and profit growth is a welcome outcome for CEO’s — it’s an indicator that business is healthy. But growth can pose a challenge for CISOs for two reasons. Firstly, growth invariably increases the risk exposure of the organisation (as growth is often correlated with acquisitions, increased headcount or geo expansion). Secondly, larger busi


Cybersecurity in Financial Services: Compliance and Reducing Complexity with Automation

11 Jun 2021

Businesses in the financial services sector have to manage enormous risk, wealth and personally identifiable information (PII), all while meeting strict regulatory requirements. With pressure mounting on compliance and data protection, financial services organizations are becoming increasingly motivated to improve their cybersecurity preparation, ...