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Bio Experienced manager with strong track record, technical and financial background as well scientific education. Moved from finance and energy industry to business strategy development, risk management, project and general management. Able to efficiently communicate with people, dealing with troublesome customers and having an entrepreneurial spirit. Loving education and networking. Constantly trying to bring positive change and continuous improvement. Career History Woriking in finance industry for more than a 25 years. Currently operating a consultancy company in field of predictive analytics.



Is ‬hyper-personalization of loans a new opportunity window for FinTech?

12 May 2021

The classical approach of targeting clients on the loan market is to sell the loan product based on communicated parameters. Banks display features of the products as a primary acquisition driver. They usually compete in speed of the approval process, interest rates, flexible duration. However, the world around us and customer needs are changing s...