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Wayne Butterfield

Wayne Butterfield

Global Head of Intelligent Automation Solutions at ISG
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Bio Wayne is the global head of Intelligent Automation Solutions for ISG, a global technology research and advisory firm with a specialist banking and financial services division. He is a pioneer in the automation space. Wayne was an early adopter of RPA (robotic process automation) in 2010, initially helping enterprises automate their back-office processes, and then moving into customer-centric operations using technology such as virtual assistants and chatbots. He now focuses on how organisations can use technologies such as cognitive reasoning, digital customer service and intelligent automation to deliver operational efficiencies, scale, and growth.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

How can banks use automation successfully?

22 Mar 2022

As well as many other challenges, banks faced a deluge of loan requests throughout the pandemic as individuals and businesses struggled with the effects of lockdowns and furloughs. In response, many banks looked for ways to increase their use of automation. In many cases, banks' use of automation has been so successful that they are looking to exp...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

How retail banks can use automation to excel in 2022

29 Oct 2021

It’s been a challenging couple of years for most of us, and banks have come under specific pressures as they adapt to working from home, new and increased security threats and greater pressure to present customers with a seamless and efficient digital and phone-based service. Now, banks are starting to look to the future, and ways in which technol...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Harnessing the power of conversational AI for banking customer service

09 Sep 2021

Conversational AI has huge potential for improving customer service and overall customer experience in the retail banking sector. Customer experience remains an area where traditional banks lag behind their challenger rivals. It’s these newer banks that continue to dominate customer service rankings (as we can see in Ipsos’ latest service quality ...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

What trends are shaping the banking sector?

16 Jun 2021

The pandemic has supercharged the issues traditional banks have been wrestling with for years. The biggest of these is how to make a profit from consumer banking while providing an excellent customer experience. Driven by the open banking revolution, retail banking has become an ultra-competitive sector. There’s a huge demand for digital, easy-to-u...