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Bio A storyteller. An advocate for small business lending. A creator of darn good technology. Career History Nothing excites me more than seeing big technology ideas come to life. I have been fortunate to build out a fun and successful marketing career focused on navigating the ambiguity of early- and growth- stage technology companies. I love to resolve uncertainty through investigation, intuition and a real connection with prospects and customers. I am addicted to understanding the why and building out B2B marketing strategies that drive sales growth.


Small Business Lending Innovation

Acquiring and growing small business customer relationships - And where they go if you don't

08 Apr 2021

The small-medium business (SMB) lending space is hard. For most credit unions, regional and community banks, small business lending represents high risk for low margins, even though it is in their DNA to grow their communities. No two small businesses are the same – all have different data variables such as operational models, firmagraphics, busin...