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Innovation in Financial Services

Basics of digital onboarding: what are the consequences of bad customer onboarding?

11 Dec 2020

A business which asks for too much information or is confusing about their data needs will simply alienate the customer. Customer onboarding has always been important, but in the new digital world, where most things can be found, bought and sold with the touch of a button, customer expectations and demands have increased. So what happens if there i...

Innovation in Financial Services

Basics of digital onboarding: why you need to know who your customer is

10 Dec 2020

“The human face is, after all, nothing more nor less than a mask.” Dame Agatha Christie, the famous murder-mystery writer, once said. Our face is just a mask in an ocean of masks, and it only shows what we want to show, not who we really are or how we feel. While this quote refers to the process of how we tend to hide our true emotions, it could al...

Innovation in Financial Services

Digital identity in the UK: a new start or another false dawn?

13 Nov 2020

The Digital Identity Strategy Board has announced its next steps towards introducing a UK national digital identity scheme, with new guiding principles and plans to update existing laws. It’s reassuring that the failure of GOV.UK Verify hasn’t put a stop to all digital identity ambitions. The question is: will the government learn from past